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This is our most popular item. It includes everything you need to get your corporation started on a solid foundation. It is organized in a manner which permits you to run your corporation in accordance with the Federal and State statutes. It helps you keep your records in order in one neat concise and compliant package. Included are your corporate charter, recorded copy of approved articles of incorporation, by-laws, first meeting minutes, stock certificates, stock ledger, corporate seal, forms and instructions for obtaining Federal identification number (EIN) and electing sub-chapter S status. This all comes in a handsome leatherette binder with your corporate name embossed in gold on the cover. Nevada corporations will also receive a full year of our Registered Agent service. The binder is normally burgundy, but you may select black, green, or blue.

Our basic package provides the essentials for launching your corporation. You receive the attractive corporate charter, recorded copy of approved articles of incorporation, by-laws, first meeting minutes. Nevada corporations receive a full year of our Registered Agent service.

Registered Agent SERVICE
The State of Nevada requires a Nevada street address for all Nevada corporations. If the corporation does not have any offices within Nevada then this requirement can only be satisfied by designating a Registered Agent within the state who can accept all legal service on behalf of the corporation. A Nevada corporation does not have to conduct business or have meetings within the State, but it must satisfy the Registered Agent requirement. Corporation Makers provides a full first year of Registered Agent service for its' clients as part of its' full service commitment. Thereafter, we charge a low annual fee (currently $85).

We can establish a Nevada bank account for you subject to bank approval. A Nevada bank account is not required for your Nevada corporation, but many clients prefer to conduct their financial transactions through a Nevada facility. Please note that our fee for opening your own corporate account includes the $100 that we will deposit as your opening balance.

In order to open a bank account, you must have a Federal identification number. We can prepare your application for you for a small fee. Just indicate so on the order form.

We do not charge a shipping fee to any domestic address. However, applicants at foreign destinations must add the fee quoted on the order form.

We can obtain next day turn-around from the state of Nevada by paying a special service charge. We deliver and retrieve your documents by messenger. The certified articles of incorporation are then faxed to you immediately. The remainder of the incorporation kit is forwarded in the normal manner. This process permits you to begin your corporate activities about two days after we receive the order. Please follow the instructions on the order form if you require rush service. There is no charge for California rush service.

Corporation Makers now offers license hanging and mail forwarding service. Mail will be collected and packaged in its unopened state and sent to your designated forwarding address on a weekly basis. We charge a nominal $25 per month plus postage for this service, payable in six month advance increments. You must also include a $25 postage reserve which is applied to the actual postage costs. To order this service, include a fee of $175 to cover 6 months of service. You should also plan to renew prior to expiration to assure continuous and uninterrupted service. We can not forward mail if your forwarding service account balance has expired. Depending on usage, you may be required to replenish your postage reserve periodically.


Name of Corporation
List three names that will be acceptable to you in the order of preference. We will obtain the first name that is available. The name should include one of the following words: Incorporated, Limited, Company, Corporation, Inc., Ltd., Co., or Corp.

Number of shares
Select the number of shares in thousands and the par value. If the value of your shares (number times par value) exceeds $75,000, you will incur additional fees. Call us for a quote if that is the case. As an example, you might select 75,000 shares at $1.00 par. That amounts to $75,000 and you will not have any additional charges. If you elect no par value, $1.00 will be used for the calculation. You can increase shares and decrease par value to stay under the $75,000 threshold. We hope this isn't confusing to you, call if you have any questions.

Naming of Directors
In Nevada, you are only required to name one director, but may name more. List additional directors on a separate sheet and attach. We will use the first director as our point of contact for all correspondence. That individual must sign the order. You are free to replace or name other directors at your first and subsequent meetings.
Three directors must be named in California unless the number of owners is less than three. One owner equals one director. You may name more.

Calculating the Cost
Decide whether you want the Deluxe Package or the Basic Package. Select one of these, and enter the appropriate amount on the order form. Do you want us to open a Nevada bank account in your corporate name? If no, skip this line. If yes, enter the amount shown. Remember it includes $100 that will be placed in your account. If we open a bank account, we must have an EIN. If you want us to obtain one for you, enter the amount shown. The shipping fee only applies to deliveries outside of the United States. If a foreign delivery, enter the shipping charge, otherwise, leave blank. The state of Nevada takes about three to four weeks to process applications. They will provide one day turn around service for an expediting fee. If you are in a real hurry, enter the rush order fee shown. If you would like us to receive and forward mail to you, we will do so. We will accumulate weekly and send it First Class in a separate envelope to the address on file, unopened. To accept this service, write in the amount shown.
You can have your own, dedicated (702) area code voice mail phone number. Just indicate on order. Now, total all of the amounts and remit with your order. Please use a money order or cashiers check. Personal checks will require us to delay processing your application for five working days. The state does not return any fees once an application is submitted. You may also pay by VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMEX. We accept credit card orders by FAX or Mail or through our secure server.
Be sure to sign the authorization. That's all there is to it. We will have you incorporated as fast as possible. You will receive a confirmation note from us as soon as we receive your order.
If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us at
1-800-CORPMKR (267-7657) or